On Marvels and...Mustaches

They say that there is a person out there for everyone, you just have to know where to look. Well, we might also say that there is a blog out there for everyone.

Interested in mustaches from the 19th century? Passionate about facial hair? This blog's for you: Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century.

Now for an early-modern contribution to hirsutism...I was tempted to post the most endearing mustachioed image of Moliere by Charles-Antoine Coypel.

But I'll offer up instead Valentin Conrard. He may not be as well-known as our Moliere. However, he and his facial hair were legendary in seventeenth-century French theater. Conrard was Perpetual Secretary of the Comedie Francaise from its beginnings in 1634 until 1675. All official business of the country's most important theater passed through his meticulous hands. Oh the things he saw!

Many thanks to Early Modern Notes for the hairs, heads up.

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