Surgical Strikes

By Holly Tucker

Our semester is gearing up here. Students to teach, meetings to attend, and--as always--lots of work to do on my book manuscript.

Scissors and tape in hand, I did a surgical amputation of nearly 15 pages on a chapter this weekend. Yes, yes. I know all about the cut and paste functions on the computer. But at the end stages of drafting, I just see things better when I get out the scalpel.

My beta readers have confirmed that the patient is much better for the procedure. A glass or two of wine after the procedure helped this surgeon recovery nicely too.

Vino or no, it hurt to chop out some sections. Regular readers know that I just love odd historical details. But, my gut was right; too much is too much.

But hey, the good news is that those delicious tidbits will find their way here. Want to know how early telescope lenses were made? Stay tuned later this week.

Curious about Louis XIV the ballet-dancing Don Juan? He'll be leaping his way to Wonders & Marvels without delay. So many great little time!

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  1. Hello, I love your blog. I'm glad I signed up for Twitter and this way I discovered your blog.
    It must be fun to pe a professor. It's something I've always wanted to be.


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