MerMEN and now...MerDOGS!

Did you know that October has been officially declared the "Odd Creatures from the Sea" month ? Something must be in the water! (Ok, I couldn't resist the pun.)

It began simply enough when our friends over at Curious Expeditions posted a delightful, but not entirely lovely, tidbit on the Feejee Mermaid. I followed up with a story of Renaissance Sea Devils. And now we have Sea Dogs, courtesy of and the National Library of Wales.

For the especially inquisitive, you will find the full text of Sea Dog pamphlet at: A Most Strange and True Report of a Monsterous Fish (1604)

In parting, I am curious to know how many of you use "fish" in the plural? Is it "fishes"?

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  1. It's 'plenty of fish' and 'all the fish in the sea' for me.

    (BTW, the email I sent to you bounced back.)

  2. The denizens of the tank in our living room are "fishies." :)


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